University participates in EU Project researching active and healhy aging with the use of service robots.

MARIO Project and Partners
Managing active and healthy aging with use of caring service robots

The project MARIO (“Managing active and healthy aging with use of caring service robots”) started 2015 at the University of Passau and is funded by the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, HORIZON 2020. Together with a variety of Partners from scientific and industrial background it researches ways for service robots to contribute to dignified and healthy aging.

The University of Passau’s research team is led by Professor Siegfried Handschuh (Chair of Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems).

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 EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, HORIZON 2020Please address your enquiries concerning this press release to Professor Siegfried Handschuh (siegfried.handschuhatuni-passau.deor the Media office (Tel. 0851 509-1439).

The MOBIZZ Challenge: Business Models and an agile service development environment for the mobile business cloud

Dr Dimitrios Tektonidis, ALTEC Software S.A., Greece

While mobile devices are becoming more powerful and able to support applications of significant size, and link to useful services on the fly using mobile internet connections, we now more than ever are experiencing the lack of a simple technology framework that can allow businesses to rapidly develop and offer new services to their customers.

The challenge is not only related to mobile networks, which connect the end user to cloud services, but also to the development of a business model that facilitates rapid service conceptualisation and development to allow businesses to expose their key functionalities to customers and integrate with existing business applications.

No such infrastructure currently exists, yet its availability would propel the adoption of new cost-cutting and resource-optimising technologies in commercial transactions and business activities all over the EU. MO-BIZZ envisages the validation of a platform to support the delivery of high quality business applications, with a strong focus on two key target groups: 1. developers and IT providers, and 2. large industries and vertical markets. MO-BIZZ envisages stimulating the adoption of mobile cloud solutions in enterprises, and supports the emergence of a strong and enthusiastic community of app developers in Europe.

In this presentation, Dr Tektonidis presents the work of the MOBIZZ project ( that combines both a cloud platform capable to provide network and computing resources along with the supporting platform to run both business applications and a business process integration framework for managing business processes and services offered through the cloud to mobile app users.

Dr. Tektonidis heads the Research Programmes Division of ALTEC Software S.A. Greece, a major ERP vendor with an installed base of 50,000 companies. ALTEC is a partner in the MOBIZZ project, partly funded by the European Commission as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).